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Treeland Meditation Music

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The album is dedicated to the Elohim Creator energies and connects us through the heart chakra with the spiritual levels of the original source. AHAU is the term for the initial sun and source of all being from the mysticism of the Maya. Step by step the ambient music guides us to deeper spiritual levels.

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Treeland - Elohim Heart Meditation
  1. ELOHIM Healing 5:25
  2. AHAU 7:16
  3. invocation 9:33
  4. Elohim Heart 9:09
  5. Grateful Heart 6:43
  6. Sirius 11:11
  7. 999 13:31
  8. Elohim Heart ( reprise ) 9:09
More than 1 hour ( 72 minutes ) ambient meditaion music for you !

Thank you for being No. 1 in the Reverbnation charts for Germany in 2013
2012 no. 1 in Germany and even up to no. 3 in the global Reverbnation Spiritual Charts in summer 2012 ♥

It was a long road in the past five years and I kept collecting songs from my impressions and experiences for my Treeland album "The Dorael Tunes", which contains 11 tracks, that were recorded during the period from September to Christmas 2011.

The first track "Mother Earth Is Calling" is dedicated to Mother Earth and the current changes, that we all are going through The song comes from the Rainbow movement and is the shamanic introduction to the album that fits nicely with the title picture.

The second track "Bring Down The Light" rocks and talks about the search and the false starts, we all experience and knowledge to bear the ultimate answer in our hearts.

"Let Your Love Shine" in this sense, is the measage to explore the love in our hearts and to carry it into the world. South American-influenced rhythms invites you to move to the groove.

"Angel Of The Night" revels in its reggae beat in gratitude for the love and support of human and spiritual angels.

"Sometimes It's Easy" takes this ease with a jazzy feelings and memories of wonderful summer days relaxing in the nature of the Odenwald.

"You Are The Master Of The Moments in Your Life" is a dance number that reminds us that we create through our thoughts and our lives and have the responsibility for our feelings. Ideally, we do so with confidence in us and the unconditional love of Source.

"Dusty Streets" is a rockin 'invitation to get rid of the baggage of the past and to celebrate life with the people. Rainer Schaffnit my partner of the eponymous band "Dusty Streets" plays lead guitar, just like in the following song

"Wherever You Go". This song is a quiet ballad and describes how to live in the peace of our heart and allow to explore the beauty and the small miracles of life every day.

"Light of Christ" was released a year ago as a single and was now again remixed for the album. A thanksgiving to Christ and the divine love that sustains us, if we let it.

"I Am" is a meditation in the power of the divine love in our hearts. The 

"Gaia meditation" unites us in love with mother earth and the divine wellspring in this final meditation of the album.

album is available at
AMAZON, iTunes and many others under the name
"The Dorael Tapes", which was listed by mistake under this name.

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